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1 XXVIII LSCE Lightweight Structurse in Civil Engineering Contemporary Problems 433
2 T. LEWIŃSKI, On Cherkaev–Lurie–Milton theorem in the plane problems of linear elasticity 433
3 Corrigendum to the book Michell Structures 879
4 Enhanced growth method for topology and geometry optimization of truss structures 562
5 Setting the Free Material Design problem through the methods of optimal mass distribution 1088
6 Optimal design of archgrids: the second-order cone programming perspective 1206
7 Optimal vault problem – form finding through 2D convex program 1592
8 Programowanie wizualne w projektowaniu obliczeniowym 1250
9 Optimal Design Versus Maximal Monge–Kantorovich Metrics Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis 1237
10 O korzyściach z wdrożenia MacroBIM+ w trakcie realizacji „międzywydziałowego projektu interdyscyplinarnego BIM”, jak i w codziennej praktyce 1238
11 On the Calibration of a Numerical Model for Concrete-to-Concrete Interface 1286
12 The isotropic material design of in-plane loaded elastic-plastic plates 1125
13 In-Depth Verification of a Numerical Model for an Axisymmetric RC Dome 1195
14 Probabilistic Modelling of Bending Strength of Timber Beams with the Help of Weak Zones Model 1172
15 Bending-Free Lattices as Underlying Optimal Isotropic Microstructures of the Least-Compliant 2D Elastic Bodies 1127
16 Nagroda PTMKM dla pracowników Zakładu 1324
17 Vibrations of bars including transverse shear deformations and warping due to torsion 1536
18 An accurate method for fast assessment of under slab mats (USM) performance in ballastless track structures 1546
19 Modelowanie konstrukcji budowlanych 1718
20 Optimal vault problem - form finding through 2D convex program 1790
21 Optimal design versus maximal Monge-Kantorovich metrics 1599
22 Prognozowanie izolacyjności akustycznej przegród budowlanych dla procesu BIM 1706
23 Obliczenia numeryczne przekryć Pragera 1796
24 Third formulation of the space-time finite element method 1705
25 Analysis of a reinforced concrete dome 1692
26 Optimum design of elastic moduli for the multiple load problems 1682
27 On incorporating warping effects due to transverse shear and torsion into the theories of straight elastic bars 2090
28 Projektowanie w procesie BIM 2172
29 Optimal archgrids spanning rectangular domains 2015
30 Applications of Michell’s Theory in Design of High-Rise Buildings, Large-Scale Roofs and Long-Span Bridges 1997
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